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Tecport pledges to ensure its customers are the frontrunners in their respective industry.

Process Development

Tecport delivers technological solutions to customers as well as improving customers’ existing coating processes and systems. New coating processes and technology help the customer gain technical advantage and competitive advantage.

Retrofit and Upgrade

Tecport recognizes such frustrations and offers customers with a flexible and simple plug and play automation control system of any existing coating system. Tecport has a built dynamic control system where all its components are with the latest technology and readily available off the shelf items from industrial leaders with worldwide service support.


We sell an assortment of different products that can fit your needs such as products that deal with Thickness Measurement, Pressure Measurement, Pumps, Surface Treatment Sources, and many more within our online store.

Our Products

Rock - DLC Coating System

Flexlab – Magnetron Sputtering

Symphony OPUS

Symphony Precision

Our Partners Products

Avior M300 Reactive Magnetron Sputtering System

Navigator Ion Beam Sputtering System

Who We've Worked With

Meet the Team

Joseph Kim

EVP Business Development

Tam Le

CEO and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Nabil El-Hag

Vice Chairman

Frank Helmes

Frank Helmes

Executive Sales Director

We love our customers, so feel free to call us or visit during normal business hours.

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