Symphony OPUS

User-friendly operator interface for complete process automation and data analysis.


Symphony Opus process control software enables you to have the best of both worlds: ease of use and advanced flexible configuration parameters to satisfy the most demanding engineer. It’s easy on the operator while being highly tunable for the engineer.

  • Screen Navigation is simplified and intuitive— the left side is for the operator and the right for more advanced process control.
  • Navigation bars and individual screen selectors are standard. With Symphony Opus there’s no more getting lost in a popup quagmire to change a simple system parameter.
Flexibility – System Parameters
  • All system components are configurable to provide simple integration of new hardware (i.e.: type and number of evaporation sources, type and number of vacuum pumps, etc…).
  • System parameters such as pressure set points, valve activation alarm set points, maintenance schedule alarm time, and leak rate checks are all configurable to give more flexibility.
  • Sub-component parameters such as cryogenic pump regeneration, mass flow controller, Polycold operation, and system startup and shutdown schedule are configurable.
Flexibility – Recipe Management
  • Recipes are configured in blocks and then assembled into a final master recipe.
  • All recipes are stored using human readable names. It is unnecessary to carry “cheat-sheet” to reference process numbers.
  • All parameters are adjustable in On-Line Edit Menu.
On-Line Edit
  • All parameters are adjustable in On-Line Edit Menu.
  • Any change in On-Line Edit will be effective real-time, but will not be changed in saved recipe.
  • User can be defined with given rights of Operator, Online Edit, System, Recipe, or/and Admin rights.
  • Each user has in individual login and password.
Data Logging
  • Storage of process data in a database.
  • Storage of alarm data in a database.
  • Activity Log/Audit Log – Recording of all operator and system events in time sequence. System records all button clicks and parameter changes by Date, Time, Event, UserName, Run Number, and Recipe.
  • Real-time trending and historical graphs.
  • All data linked back to Run Number, Recipe, and Operator for quality purposes.
  • Symphony Opus is Network Ready using standard Ethernet TCP/IP.
  • Managers can view the HMI screen remotely from any PC via Ethernet.
  • Remote support from Tecport is possible via Ethernet or Dialup Modem.
  • Process Data, Reports, and Recipe information are all viewable over a standard Ethernet connection.
Online Help
  • All product manuals are accessible from the HMI. Additional manuals can be made available simply by copying them into a certain directory.
  • User configurable pre-start checklists.

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