Symphony Precision

Exclusive Partnership with Cutting Edge Coatings

Innovative design harmonizes thin film technology and equipment at its best.


Companies across the globe are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs while continuing to provide their customers superior products and services. Finding the precise combination of thin film technology and system integration becomes a key factor that enables manufacturers to reduce cost, increase production capability, and create the competitive advantage needed to survive in today’s aggressive marketplace.

Symphony realizes the customer’s vision of functionality and features that bring value to production.
  • Flexible evaporation techniques
  • Integration of the most sophisticated and time-tested instruments by industrial leaders
  • Advanced multilevel software structure to satisfy the most demanding engineer, and yet still provide a very user-friendly interface for the beginning technician.
  • Complete process automation, remote control, trending, data analysis and recovery

Symphony Advantage

Service and Support

Our motto “We serve to serve again” expresses our relentless drive for customer service – providing preventive maintenance and repair, training and technology support, process development, and continuously building a world wide service network of qualified technicians and engineers.


Shipping time is 12 weeks ARO, unrivaled by other manufacturers in the industry.

Trouble Free Commissioning

During commissioning, Tecport will not only satisfy the equipment specifications and integrity, but also will assist our customers in process development and fine tuning system parameters. By the end of commissioning, our customers are equipped with the training and process setup to start production immediately.


Chamber304L Stainless Steel Construction
Ultimate Pressure10-7 Torr Range
Substiture FixtureDome, Flat Planetary
Evaporation MonitoringCrystal Monitor, Optical Monitor
Process ControlSymphony provides user friendly operating software, named OPUS, with data logging, recipe builder, report generation, and remote access capabilities.
Evaporation TechniquesThermal Resistance Evaporation, Electron Beam Evaporation, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS), High Density Plasma Assisted Deposition (PAD)
Pumping SystemDiffusion Pump, Cryogenic Pump, Turbo Pump Rotary Pump / Booster Pump Pumping time < 15 min to 3 x 10-5 Torr
Substrate heatQuartz Halogen Heater with PID Temperature Control System
Cryogenic regeneratorMeissner Trap, Coil, 10HP compressor, T < -130 C, pumping speed up to 200,000 l/sec
Pressure gauge controlHigh Pressure: Penning Gauge, Ion GaugeLow Pressure: Pirani Gauge, Convectron Gauge
UtilityElectrical: 208/240/50Hz/60Hz/ 50kW 3-phaseWater: 30 GPM, Delta 40 PSI @ 21°CAir: Compressed air @ 85-125 PSI


Symphony 7Symphony 9Symphony 10Symphony 12Symphony 15
750mm diameter900mm diameter1050mm diameter1200mm diameter1500mm diameter


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