Tecport Optics Florida Office

About Tecport Optics

Founded in 1997, Tecport Optics designs, manufactures, sells and services state-of-the-art thin film vacuum deposition systems to customers across the globe. Working vigorously with its world-class instrument suppliers, Tecport builds the most reliable, efficient, and flexible coating systems in the world, customized to the meet the technical specifications of a variety of industries. Dedicated to excellence in customer service and technical innovation, Tecport has built a loyal customer base that benefits from its corporate motto, “We serve to serve again.


To be the premier thin film deposition system manufacturer in the world by consistently providing the right combination of solution driven systems with cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service.

See the Future through Tecport

Continuous research in advanced material science and automation technology enables Tecport to meet the high demand of the fast changing marketplace in thin film technology, whether it is ophthalmic or 3D glass, night vision goggle or solar. Tecport strives to excel in all aspect of the Total Customer Experience, from design to production, to customer service. Join Tecport in partnership to transform the world market and making the world better with innovation!

“We Serve To Serve Again!”

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