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POLARIS greatly enhances the performance and durability of plastics increasing the possible combinations of customized polymer coatings and substrates that can applied for a wide range of uses.

Until now, the necessary use of high temperature in the vacuum deposition of coatings used for precision optics has limited the range of possible uses of plastic substrates, which are intolerant to heat. The inherent soft surface of most polymer lenses or films, and their tendency to scratch has further constrained the market applications for plastics.

POLARIS allows manufacturers to explore a whole new realm of technical innovation, by providing the enhanced deposition of thin film coatings at temperatures below 100C. The POLARIS method enhances the bonding properties of thin films producing a very hard surface with tremendous resistance to scratching and damage.


  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Lower product weight
  • Reduced packaging size
  • Increased durability
  • Increased hydrophobic & oleophobic properties
  • High transmitting conductive coatings
  • Unlimited possibility for innovation
  • Polaris allows for as many as 40 layers of high reflection mirror coatings to be used in polymer substrate, opening thousands of new applications for plastics.
  • Polaris produces films with higher packing density, resulting in better film quality, lower absorption and lower loss.
  • Polaris provides the extra thermal energy required to enhance the bonding between the polymer and the dielectric layer.
  • Polaris enhances the coating surface smoothness, and therefore reduces the “drag”, resulting in better abrasion resistance.
  • Polaris reduces the film stress by applying additional energy to the molecules of evaporant materials and allowing them to grow in a columnar position in plastic subsrates.


  • Video display market
  • CMOS/CCD Sensor Market
  • OLED/Touch Screen Market
  • Ophthalmic / Sunglass Market
  • Automotive Market
  • Flex Electronics / Flex Circuit Market
  • Medical Instrument Market

Success Story

Migraine Relief Precision Filter Coating on Polycarbonate (PC) Ophthalmic Lens

success-story1Polaris successfully help Axon Optics (University of Utah Moran Eye Center Incubator) to develop and launch its migrain relief filtered lens. 90% of migraine sufferers are light sensitive to a recently discovered specific wavelength of light that triggers pain in optical nerves. These wavelengths are prevalent in fluorescent and LED sources, computer screen as well as outdoor light.

For more information, please visit www.axonoptics.com.

Laser Blocking Filter for Military Visor on Lexan Material

success-story2Multilayer coating on lexan visor to block the specific wavelength was successfully demonstrated with Polaris system. This resulted in winning a big contract with the largest military contractor in Turkey. Used specially designed visor holder fixture to create very uniform coating.

IR Cut-Off Filter (43 layers)

Traditionally IR Cut-Off Filter for CMOS/CCD industry is applied on glass as substrate. Polaris allows the customers to apply this coating directly onto polymer molded lens thus reducing production cost and minimize packaging size.

Below curve is actual scan of 43 layers IR Cut-Off Filter produced by Polaris on Zeonex polymer lens.