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Our Products

Rock DLC Coating System
Cantata Ion Beam Sputtering
Flexlab Magnetron Sputtering
Symphony OPUS
Symphony Precision
Symphony Ophthalmic

Our Partners Products

AVIOR M-300 is using future-oriented dual-rotary-magnetrons with massively increased material reservoir compared to planar magnetrons. Thus service intervals are increased, process stability improved and production output optimized.

The activities of the Cutting Edge Coatings GmbH are focused on the process of ion beam sputtering (IBS). This process has the capability to surmount the quality and flexibility of conventional coating processes.


Tecport offers subsystems upgrades such as substrate heater assembly, substrate fixture rotation system, pumping packages, ion sources, electron beam sources, and much more.

Tecport delivers technology solutions to customers as well as improving customers’ existing coating processes and systems.

Our Technology

TechNote and Technical Papers
Polaris – Cold Plasma
High Density Plasma Technology
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