Process Development

Vacuum coating technology evolves along with advancement in material science and automation technology, where the is a market demand newer applications, more production capability, and cost-effective solutions. Tecport delivers technology solutions to customers as well as improving customers’ existing coating processes and systems.

Tecport is dedicated to research and development. New coating processes and technology help the customer gain technical advantage and competitive advantage.

  • New Plasma Source Technology available with Symphony System reduces and/or eliminates water absorption in NIR spectrum range.
  • Highest laser damage threshold (LDT) for Yag laser rod achieved using specially designed electron beam source equipped with programmable high voltage set points.
  • We have provided a robust metallic-bond coating for acoustic-optical devices with ion-assisted deposition (IAD) method.
  • Developed a special coating for DLP windows and provided a custom system to increase production capability with a special fixture and handling mechanism.
  • Developed the smallest footprint sputtering system to handle 15 minute process time Anti-Reflective coating.
Feasibility Lab

Tecport continuously demonstrates the system’s capability through customers’ requested feasibility study. Our feasibility lab is equipped with the multiple Symphony systems with the latest technologies together with the ultrasonic cleaner and oven for the preparation before coating. The coating capabilities include thermal resistance evaporation, e-beam evaporation, and sputtering deposition. Availability of surface treatment methods such as ion assisted and plasma assisted can provide more flexibility in process development.

Tecport is providing continuous R&D services to many customers who’s capacities are tied up with massive production. Tecport also is providing R&D services to some of the major corporations with prototyping new products.

With combined more than 100 years of coating process experiences through engineers in Tecport and with the latest technological advancements in Tecport facilities, the customer gains complete competence and complete support.

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