Retrofit and Upgrade

Complete Turn-Key Automation Controller System
Retrofit to Most Any Coating Systems
Trouble Free Installation and Training
Optional Kiosk Module


Ever fast changes in the thin film coating industries technologically and economically, companies are seeking solutions to their existing system for its replacement of obsolete components, unreplaceable software, unavailable hardware, and even nonexisting service supports from their original system builder.

Tecport recognizes such frustrations and offers customers with flexible and simple plug and play automation control system of any existing coating system.

Tecport built dynamic control system where all its components are with the latest technology and readily available off the shelf items from industrial leaders with worldwide service support. This dynamic control system allows easy integration of equipment provided by Leybold, Balzers, Satis, Davis & Wilder, Eaton, CHA, and many more. The software and hardware infrastructures are flexible and modular, any subsystems such as ion source, electron beam source, sputter source, and many others manufactured by any companies can be integrated easily.

Tecport also offers subsystems upgrades such as substrate heater assembly, substrate fixture rotation system, pumping packages, ion sources, electron beam sources, and much more.

Present us with your problem, and we will offer the most adequate solution.


  • Simple plug and play controller system to any type of coating system
  • Inexpensive retrofit and upgrade options
  • Equipped with the latest instruments and components
  • Flexible and modular hardware and software design allows easy upgrade for any additional hardware, controller, and functions
  • Off the shelf components
  • Fully automated process control


Symphony OPUS Operation Software
  • Window based user’s friendly software, OPUS, is provided to run manual or fully automatic operation
  • Automatic pump down, Automatic system shutdown, Automatic Valve Control, Automatic Process Control
  • All the safety interlocks are preprogrammed for operation safety
  • Easy to use touch screen operation interface
  • Extensive data logging and analysis capabilities
  • On-the-fly recipe change
  • Trend tracking
  • Sophisticated recipe building tools
  • Enhanced diagnostics
  • Custom system maintenance schedule – advanced warnings of all needed maintenance and service
  • Automatic report generation
  • Security features allow commands to be password protected
  • Security Rights: Operator, On-line Edit, Recipe, System, Admin
  • Optical monitor links
  • Remote Access: remote access from computer to computer monitoring and navigating, and remote access for service monitoring
  • Refer to Symphony OPUS for more detail information (create the link to Symphony OPUS page)

Optional Upgrades

Stand Alone Kiosk Module

The kiosk allows the operator to run the system without touching the instrument rack, and offers greater flexibility.

  • Two 17” Touch Screens
  • Keyboard and Track Ball
  • Frame with Roller
  • Berkin Omniview 2 Port KVM Switches
  • Flex Cable Duct System
  • EMS Switch
Optical Monitoring System

Intellevation Optical Monitoring System including Test Glass Changer
Source Module – 20 watts Tungsten Halogen Lamp with chopper wheel and motor for the modulation of the light. Equipped with signal/dark/reference/dark phases using reference path via optical fiber.

Detector Module – IL 550 series continuous waveband coverage capable handling VIS to IR wavelength. Monochromator for wavelength selection under complete software control. Equipped with filters for suppression of higher orders, narrow bandpass calibrated filter, Si/InGaAs dual detector, analogue to digital converter for high electric noise immunity, and synchronous detection of reference and signal paths where reference path via optical fiber.

Software – FilmMaker and FilmDirector: database interface for film data input, test glass sequencing, and instrument set up. Modeling of the output curve, process simulation for offline optimization of process, run data acquisition and export to FilmReviewer to review actual process cut, and optimization of the FilmMaker project. Fully automated control of auto ranging and automatic offset of output curve, automatic termination of turning point and non-quarter wave films. It also provides a wide range of algorithms for film termination in the presence of process noise including linear and quadratic filter options.

Depends on availability of flanges, test glass changer can be back reflection monitoring, front reflection monitoring or transmission monitoring module with either drop chip changer or carousel chip changer.
Complete Interface with thickness controller, Tecport Symphony OPUS operation software, and existing system’s hardware.

Water Distribution Manifold

Customized water distribution manifold can be provided upon request, equipped with all the necessary lines, flow meters and switches, pressure gauges, by-pass line, valves, and electronic connections.

Air Distribution Manifold

Customized air manifold can be provided upon request.

Key Components

Thickness Controller System

The latest vacuum gauge controller from Brooks Automation or Inficon.

19″ Rack Mount Cabinet

Industrial 19” Rack Mount Cabinet.

  • The cabinet is mounted on the steel frame which stands onto strong rubber roller and stopper for easy maneuver and handling.
  • Complete separation of power module and control module within the rack system to eliminate any cross talks and noises.
  • Power Distributions
  • Electrical Switches / Magnetic Switches
  • Relays / Converters
  • Signal Processors
  • Tower Lamps
  • EMS / Interlocks
  • Sensors
  • UL/CE Wires + Wirings
  • All components are CE compliance and off-the-shelf products.
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
  • 2200VA Rating Uninterrupted Power Supply for all the electronic components; PLC, Vacuum Gauging Controller, Thickness Controller, Computer, Touch Screen Monitors, and etc.
  • True On-Line double conversion technology with continuous voltage and frequency regulation.
  • Uninterrupted power for symphony electronics for at least 20 minutes.
  • Base Unit: 19″ Rack Mounted Quad Core Xeon Processor
  • Hard Drive: SAS, 2.5” with Raid 5 Capability
  • Floppy Disk Drive: 1.44MB Floppy Drive
  • Operating System: Windows Professional
  • 2ea Ethernet Cards
Touch Screen
  • 17″ TFT Active Matrix Color LCD Touch Screen
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • 1756 L61 Process w/ 2MB Memory
  • Phoenix Contact I/O Modules
  • 32 Points Analog Inputs – Current/Voltage
  • 24 Points Analog Outputs – Current/Voltage
  • 96 Points Digital Inputs
  • 128 Points Digital Outputs
  • Ethernet TCP/IP Module
  • Power Supply
  • Complete I/O to accommodate all the necessary control of existing system I/O

Complete On-Site Connection between existing hardware to Tecport Symphony OPUS Controller

  • Existing Hardware Connections
  • Analog In/Out –Ion Source (or Plasma), Electron Beam Sources, Thermal Resistance Sources, Heater Controller, Substrate Rotation System, Crucible Drives, Temperature
  • Digital In/Out – Crucible Drive Status, Limit Switches, Pumps Status Signals, Pressure Controller, Water Flow Switches, Vacuum Valve Switches, Interlocks, Electron Beam HV
  • RS232 Communication – Thickness Controller, Vacuum Gauge Controller, Temperature Controller

Complete On-Site Installation

  • Remove all the existing connections from existing system to existing controller
  • Installing Tecport Controller
  • Relocating all subsystems from existing controller to Tecport controller – electron beam source power suppliers and controllers, thermal resistance source power suppliers
Testing, Commissioning and Training

Complete On-Site Testing and Commissioning

  • Testing all subsystems operation
  • Testing manual operation of system
  • Testing fully automated operation of system
  • Testing with actual processes
  • Complete training on controller architect
  • Complete training on PLC ladder logic
  • Complete training on Symphony OPUS operation software

Complete system documentation

  • Operation Software Manual
  • Electrical Schematics
  • I/O Lists
  • PLC Ladder Diagram
  • Parts and Suppliers List

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