Dr. Nabil El-Hag

Dr. Nabil El-HagDr. Nabil El-Hag is the Vice-Chairman of Tecport Optics, Inc. Dr. El-Hag is responsible for setting the company’s strategic direction and guiding business development initiatives, as well as the formation of strategic alliances.

Dr. Nabil El-Hag’s career spans nearly 40 years of entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 experience. His vast experience includes serving as a senior executive at Philip Morris. Skilled in executive management, business development, strategic planning, and capital formation, Dr. El-Hag’s most recent position was as Managing Director and Co-Chairman of Guney Yildizi Petroleum, a vertically integrated, privately held oil and gas company in Turkey.

Prior to that, Dr. Nabil El-Hag was a founding partner at Pacific Rim Technologies, Inc., where he facilitated business agreements between United States companies and government and private industry in Indonesia, China, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia. As a founding partner of Shore Capital, he brokered a business partnership with a leading Middle Eastern financial advisory group to purchase US companies and established business relationships across the MENA Region in the oil, mining, hospitality, construction and telecommunications industries. As a committed social entrepreneur and technocrat, he also founded and managed several other businesses and non-profit initiatives including Fresh ‘n Fit, Inc, American Family Brands, Kid’s 1st Resource Development Group, The Ronald McDonald House Charities Dividend Club Program and The Knowledge Bridge Foundation. He continues to advise numerous public and private enterprises.

Dr. Nabil El-Hag’s Education & Accolades

Dr. El-Hag, a former Olympic athlete, earned a PhD, MPh and MSc from Rutgers University, an MBA from Fordham University and an accreditation in Executive Management from Columbia University. His many industry accolades include a DuPont Award, a Clio Award and a national Food Processing Award. He has authored numerous patents and scientific publications, and is an honorary member of Phi Tau Sigma.


“The dynamics of a global marketplace will be forged by well-crafted and coordinated efforts that anticipate and prepare for probable future outcomes. This requires intellectual leadership, strategic thinking and the ability to influence industry standards and the resources to battle for market share.

Success will depend on building core competencies to serve as the foundation for growth and sustainable competitive position. Of these competencies, the most critical is the development of human resources and the support of dynamic future oriented learning systems to build the intellectual framework for global competition.

In a world shaped by exponential technological advancement, thriving organizations must cultivate an environment that fosters innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. Unfettered by past experience, these bold new enterprises will depend on people of exceptional ability who are flexible, creative and driven to make a difference.”


Dr. Nabil El-Hag rejoins Tecport Optics as Vice-Chairman