Tech Notes

tecport-optics-tech-notesTecport Optics has initiated these tech notes with the intended purpose of distributing general and specific information useful to the coating community. We shall provide basic information of a tutorial nature as well as test results using different PVD deposition processes and materials. Discussions aimed toward solving coating problems involved with specific applications will be presented. Designs and processes will be discussed along with testing procedures. Spectral applications will span the deep UV to the Far IR. Emphasis will be on process development applied to emerging requirements for improvements in environmental durability, laser damage threshold, severe mechanical wear exposure resistance, etc.

TechNote Issue #1Applications and Processes for Thin Film Coatings
TechNote Issue #2PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Techniques for Optical Coatings
TechNote Issue #3Plasma Ion Assisted Deposition (PIAD)
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