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Innovative design harmonizes thin film technology and equipment at its best.


Growing demand for better anti-reflective coatings is undeniable. Customers are now much more aware of the benefits of quality AR coatings, and overnight coating service is now the norm in the marketplace. This requires optical laboratories that desire to remain competitive to look for faster, better, cost effective and growth-friendly solutions.

Once sealed to a small group of corporations, the AR market is now serviced by a growing group of much smaller companies producing equally impressive AR coatings with fast turnaround service. Tecport realized this trend and introduced the Symphony series coating chambers to the ophthalmic industry. Symphony’s design, reliability, and coating results offer a smooth path to growth in revenue and customer success.

Tecport is committed to delivering tomorrow’s technological solutions today. Achieving unprecedented growth in the precision optics market since the introduction of the Symphony series, Tecport Optics is now expanding its presence in the ophthalmic industry with the same successful ingredients.

Today, Tecport is recognized as an industry leader with a global standing.

Setting the New Standards in the Ophthalmic Coating Industry

Tecport’s keen focus on improving AR coatings drives our customer’s success. Tecport delivers the new standard of performance through our experts on process development. Our team has more than 100 years experience in optical thin film coatings with educations from the nation’s top optics universities such as the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester and CREOL at the University of Central Florida.

What Tecport Brings to the Ophthalmic Industry:
  • Continuous Efforts on Improving Thin Film Technology of the AR Stack
  • Improvement in hard coating chemistry provides a better foundation for the AR stack
  • Index matching of materials on hard coating and on AR stack pushes reflectance to 1% and lower in AR coatings
  • Continuous testing of new chemicals on AR stacks to increase the durability of AR coatings by more closely matching chemical stress factors
  • Working closely with chemical companies to provide ultimate top coat, a combination of hydrophobic and oleophobic material, to virtually roll off oils, grease, finger prints, dirt, and moisture from the surface of the lens
  • Complete ion assisted deposition with ion particle bombardment
  • Complete plasma assisted deposition with combined ion particle bombardment and chemical reaction


Agile Response to Change: Symphony series is built as a modular system. All the components are easily interchangeable, so it’s always equipped with the latest technologically improved components and subsystems. As a result we make sure our customers are the frontrunners in their served marketplaces.

Compress Time to Market: Symphony provides higher throughput than any of its competitors’ systems. Loading capacity for each class is higher and pump down time is faster. Tecport process development service also helps the customer to compress time to market, achieve higher innovation yields, and improve productivity without spending R&D investments. Tecport has a feasibility study lab, R&D facility, and backup AR labs for customers in case new development or extra capacity is required to bridge scheduled downtime or expansion.

Highest Quality: Symphony places a premium on quality. Symphony is equipped with only proven subsystems and components from the best suppliers in the world, and they are all available off-the-shelf. Therefore, the customer does not need to wait for special parts from other countries, resulting in the shortest equipment downtime in the industry.

Better Communication and Control: Ongoing communication is the key for the success for both Tecport and our customers. Rapid development cycles of Symphony OPUS software with customer feedback allows new customers to have the latest software upgrades with many improved functions and allows existing customers to upgrade or customize their operating software.

Trouble Free Commissioning: During commissioning, Tecport will not only satisfy the equipment specifications and integrity, but also will assist our customers in process development and fine tuning system parameters. By the end of commissioning, our customers are equipped with the training and process setup to start production immediately.


Tecport Broad Spectrum of Coating Processes
  • LuminAR: Standard Anti-Reflection Coating with Hydrophobic Top Coat
  • LuminEX: Premium Anti-Reflection Coating with Combined Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Top Coat
  • Green, Blue, and Gold Anti-Reflection Coating Color
  • Multi Hard Dielectric Layers Mirror Coating with Available Colors of Tropical Green, Island Blue, Silver, and Gold.
  • Covers all substrate materials: mineral glass, polarized, CR39, Polycarbonate, Hi-Index, Transitions®, Progressive® lenses.
  • Exceeding the current market’s test benchmarks for: Bayer Test, Water Drop Angle Test, Boiling Salts Water Test, and Variable Height Impact Test

Lab Solutions

Tecport Complete Turnkey Lab Solutions
  • From small RX labs to mass production wholesale labs
  • Inspection Equipment and Accessories
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Hard Coating Equipment and Solution
  • Whole Dome Oven
  • Air Flow Bench with Ionized Nitrogen Gun
  • Air Compressor and Chiller
  • Bead Blaster Unit
  • Spectrophotometer


* These are base production capacity requirements only. Tecport can deliver any customized size of symphony systems which are not listed in the matrix below.

Chamber Dimensions650mm diameter750mm diameter900mm diameter1200mm diameter
Capacity 75mm Single Dome42 Lens62 Lens84 Lens167 Lens
Capacity 83mm Single Dome32 Lens47 Lens72 Lens136 Lens
Capacity 75mm Segmented  72 Lens150 Lens
Cycle Time/side (Door Close to Open)35 min40min40min45min
High Vacuum Pump (I/s)Cryo Pump or Turbo Pump or Diffusion PumpDiffusion Pump (9600)Diffusion Pump (12000)Diffusion Pump (24000)
PolycoldPFC550PFC/PFC 550PFC/PFC 670PFC/PFC 1100
Mechanical / Booster (m3/h)65 / 25065 / 500120 / 500120 / 1000
Ion Beam Source (Anode Max)EH200 (300V, 2A)EH400 (300V, 3A)EH2000 (300V, 10A)EH2000 (300V, 10A)
Electron Beam Source7cc x 6ea15cc x 6ea20cc x 6ea25cc x 6ea
Thermal Evaporator1ea (3kW)1ea (3kW)1ea (4kW)1ea (4kW)
Quartz CrystalXTC/3XTC/3XTC/3XTC/3
Surface TreatmentIon Pre-clean Ion AssistIon Pre-clean Ion AssistIon Pre-clean & Assist Or Plasma Pre-clean & AssistIon Pre-clean & Assist Or Plasma Pre-clean & Assist


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