Cantata - Ion Beam Sputtering

Exclusive Partnership with Cutting Edge Coatings

Unique Load-Lock Ion Beam Sputtering System
Continuous Rotating Target for Better Utilization
Advanced Optical Monitoring
Cantata Delivers Flexibility from Research and Development to Production


Cantata IBS is developed for “energetic” coating process to overcome the shortcoming of the e-gun process, which is well below the theoretical limits.

Ion Beam Sputtering

The sputtering process increase the kinetic energy of the particle arriving at the substrate thus creating highly densed and low scattered film. The reproducibility and controllability of the process is very good thus be able to reach optimal, the closest to theoretical, film characteristic.

Cantata ion beam sputtering system provides the user with a cost efficient modular solution to accomplish high performance optical thin films.


  • Load Lock Configuration
  • Ideal for both R&D, pilot and production of dielectrical optical thin films
  • Industry proven mechanical substrate stage with rotating target
  • Inductively coupled RF ion source for sputtering source
  • End-hall hollow cathode ion beam source for pre-clean and assist
  • Fully automated process control


  • High-End Thin Film Deposition Process
  • Lower Pressure Sputter Deposition (10-4 Torr)
  • High Quality, Smooth, Pin Hole Free Films
  • Enhanced Adhesion and Micro-Structure Control
  • Low Energy Ion Assist with End-Hall Ion Source
Typical Material Sputtering in IBS

MaterialWithin 3.5″ WafterRun to RunFilm Stree (MPa)



Main ChamberSubstrate Fixture and Optical Monitoring, Ball Bush Slide Unit with Bellow Seal
Lead Lock250W x 250D x 60H (mm), 5” View Port, Ball Bush Slide Unit with Bellow Seal
Ultimate Pressure10-7 Torr Range
Substrate Fixture3.5″ diameter x 4ea Planetary
Substrate Rotation0 – 40 RPM Magnetic Ferro Seal
Substrate HeatHalogen Lamp Heater with Max Temperature 300° C
Process ControlTime and Power, Optical Monitoring, Crystal Thickness Monitoring
Optical MonitorIntellemetrics 550 Series Optical Monitoring System with Chip Changer
Crystal MonitorInficon IC6 Mode-Lock Thickness Controller
Ion Source/Sputtering14cm RF ICP Gridded Ion Source with RF Neutralizer
Grid AssemblySelf Aligned Ion Optics Patented Grid Assembly
Power Supply1kW RF with frequency tuned 1.8-2MHz and Fixed Match Network
Ion Source/AssistEH400HC 300Vmax 5Amax End-Hall Ion Source
Targets3ea 12″ Diameter Continous Rotating Target with Indexer
Pumping SystemHelix CTI HP20 (20″) Cryogenic Pump
Ebara Dry Pump EVS-100
Gas Delivery SystemMFC – Argon, Oxygen, Nitrogen
Pressure Gauge ControlGP 358
High Pressure: Micro-Ion Gauge
Low Pressure: Convectron Gauge
UtilityElectrical: 208/240/50Hz/60Hz/ 50kW 3-phase
Water: 30 GPM, Delta 40 PSI @ 21°C
Air: Compressed air @ 85-125 PSI
Dimensions2500W x 2000D x 2200H (mm)

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