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We Serve to Serve Again

Our Future

Continuous research in advanced material science and automation technology enables Tecport to meet the high demand of the fast changing marketplace in thin film technology, whether it is ophthalmic or 3D glass, night vision goggle or solar. Tecport strives to excel in all aspect of the Total Customer Experience, from design to production, to customer service.

Our Vision

To be the premier thin film deposition system manufacturer in the world by consistently providing the right combination of solution driven systems with cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service.

Our Solution

Tecport is committed to surpassing customers’ expectations in every step of its business. Customers’ satisfaction is the key to success. Tecport builds the most reliable, efficient, and flexible coating systems in the world, customized to the meet the technical specifications of a variety of industries.

Our History

Founded in 1997, Tecport Optics designs manufactures, sells and services state-of-the-art thin film vacuum deposition systems to customers across the globe. Working vigorously with its world-class instrument suppliers, Tecport builds the most reliable, efficient, and flexible coating systems in the world, customized to the meet the technical specifications of a variety of industries. Dedicated to excellence in customer service and technological innovation, Tecport has built a loyal customer base that benefits from its corporate motto, “We serve to serve again.”

Some of Our Accompishments


Digital Light Processing

In 2003, Tecport, partnered with a Fortune 500 company, developed coating for Digital Light Processing windows. It is estimated that 70% of DLP windows in the world market, used in such products as Projectors and Televisions, are coated by Tecport systems.


Symphony series

In 2004, Tecport developed modular style PVD system, called the Symphony series, to serve the industry with better tools and solutions. Tecport has seen success with this product line, winning multiple contracts from major corporations.


High-Density Plasma Source

In 2005, Tecport provided the coating industry with the new High-Density Plasma Source, allowing its customers to achieve the highest performance coatings possible at the most consistent rate.


Shift-Free Color Filter

Tecport developed shift-free color filter coating. For the lighting industry, this meant a more vivid and accurate color control; for the solar, a more active observation telescope.


Infrared Coating

Equipped with HD plasma, Tecport achieved non-absorbing 3 to 5 μm infrared coating, using oxide coating materials in lieu of traditional fluoride coating materials. Oxide materials improve the mechanical properties of the film, providing better adhesion and abrasion resistance, without sacrificing performance.


Lockheed Martin

Tecport’s non-absorbing 3  to 5 μm oxide coating lent it’s capabilities to military applications, including numerous contracts with Lockheed Martin. Tecport is noted as a “Sole Source” for 2.2 meter batch systems in Lockheed Martin’s Join Striker Fighter, the F35 Project.


Diameter System

In 2008, Tecport designed, developed, and manufactured a 2500mm diameter system for Solar Panel Industry. The system allows the customer to fully utilize HD plasma technology to enhance their existing solar coating.


EU Program

In 2008, and again in 2011 and 2014, Tecport was awarded EU program to provide “Technical Modernization in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises”.


Ion Beam Sputtering System

Tecport developed an industry first continuous rotary target system for a load-lock ion beam sputtering system. This development improves yield on target utilization and consistency of coating.

Why choose us?

Tecport process development service helps the customer to compress time to market, achieve higher innovation yields, and improve productivity without spending process R&D time and investments. Tecport has feasibility study in its R & D lab to support customers’ need for new development. This capability enables the customers to bridge time from prototype development to actual product implementation.

All Tecport systems are built as a modular system. All the components are easily interchangeable and are equipped with the latest hi-tech components and subsystems. Tecport pledges to ensure its customers are the frontrunners in their respective industry.

In order to succeed in such a global market place, Tecport maintains a strong technical support and logistics presence in key countries such as Japan, Korea, China, India, and Germany, Magna Mi A Libero.

Would you like to start a project with us?

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